Amelia Yancey

A love for helping people led to my first career after college as a health coach in the fitness industry, and while that will always have a special place in my heart I found myself drawn to a different way of helping people - assisting with buying and/or selling their homes. My family and I moved every 2-3 years when I was young, so I recognize how crucial it is to have an educated and personally invested Realtor in your corner. You’ll find that this passion plus my expertise in coaching individuals in reaching their goals bring a personal touch to the table… a client-agent relationship that lasts long after the completion of a buy/sale. 

 I look forward to being here to coach you through your next real estate endeavor with A Different Kind of Sale!

Outside of real estate, I have an incredible husband with whom I work alongside to remodel homes (including our own!) and go on fishing adventures. We have 4 ‘fur-babies’ - a cat and three dogs, whom I adore.