Latrice Mckoy

I am a Wilmington native, a Sergeant with the local sheriff’s office, a mother of one, and hopefully your new Realtor 😊! I am very passionate about family, community, and helping others in any way that I can. So, within that, I wear many hats because I am also a mentor, a R.A.D. self-defense instructor, and a board member of two local non-profit organizations that I hold near to my heart. I’m sure you’re probably thinking that’s A LOT, it is, but when you love what you do it’s a breeze! 

Being a mother and having purchased my home as a single woman I understand the distinctive needs of being a first-time buyer (Or second, third, and so forth). I also understand the importance of home, having a sense of ownership, and having a safe haven of your own for you and your family. I am here to help you with your real estate needs as helping others is not only my passion but also my expertise.