Wilmington NC Homes Search

The BlueCoast Difference

When searching for homes and real estate in Wilmington, North Carolina where do you begin? Studies show over 85% start searching online and this number is rising every day. We understand homebuyers want to search for homes without limitations. And, we know our sellers require maximum visibility for their property or home and that's exactly why BlueCoast Realty focuses on technology mixed with personal service.  This is what sets BlueCoast Realty apart from other real estate companies.

Home Search Redefined

We've developed a state of the art real estate search, arguably the best in our market.  Click on our home search and you'll instantly see why it's different from our competitors'.  Potential buyers can easily search homes by price, area, subdivision, map, square footage, and more narrowing down thousands of houses to the few that are truly of interest.  Our search also offers features you won't find on other websites such as panoramic street views and bird's eye aerial views of each property.  Now you can inspect the homes you like inside and out, even take a look down the street, before you visit in person.  You can even save homes to your favorites so you can view them later. It's functional, user-friendly, and the reason our website is the go-to site for anyone looking for homes for sale in Wilmington NC.

The Photo Finish

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Property photos are what prospective buyers see when they look at homes online, in a flyer, or in a virtual tour.  Our home listings feature professional photography to showcase the details, colors and uniqueness of each property.  Professional photos make the difference in your home selling versus lingering on the market.  When you focus on marketing like we do, you want each and every home cast in the best light.  Are you ready for your close-up?

The Web Works

You can't just have the best information; you have to get it to the right people. BlueCoast Realty prides itself on web marketing expertise.  Each and every home listing is promoted on the most popular real estate search engines (23 and counting)-- Google, Yahoo, Bing, Trulia, Zillow, Cyberhomes, Vast, and many more. By skillfully placing our listings in all the right places, we make them accessible to millions of targeted viewers looking for homes and other property. 

Personal, Virtual, Powerful

We offer our listing clients the latest in virtual tours and custom website marketing.  These tools provide home details to potential buyers, accentuating the best and most marketable property features.  Each home's personal website has an easy-to-remember web address, can be typed in to quickly access the property information and enhances the properties search engine visibility.  Our unique virtual tours let buyers take an in-depth look at the listing and put your property ahead of the pack. And, we go the extra mile by developing custom virtual tour CDs that can be mailed to a potential buyers before a visit or left for them to take after a showing.


No one can argue that Realtor.com is still the most visited real estate website in the country, with millions of visitors each year.  We take advantage of this powerful marketing tool where other companies don't by creating enhanced Realtor.com listings.  In a nutshell, this means more photos, more details, and most importantly, more visitors looking at our homes:  on average, 5 times more.  More clicks means more opportunities for your home to catch someone's eye.  In a numbers game, will your home or property win?

Show Us a Sign

In a virtual world, real estate sales still happen the old-fashioned way, with a buyer driving by an available property.  While our company focus is on technology, we still maintain curb appeal with a great real estate sign. What makes the difference?  Our high-end signage gives our listings a high-end edge.  No chintzy metal prong signs for our BlueCoast homes. Ours are taller, more professional and attention-grabbing.  If you haven't paid attention to real estate home signs lately, take a look.  We know you'll agree we have the best.

The BlueCoast Team

We've detailed some of what makes us stand out in the Wilmington NC real estate business, but like all good companies, the heart of BlueCoast Realty Corporation is its people.  Each of our Wilmington NC Realtors has a unique real estate specialty, and commitment to the highest level of service.  The real difference is creating smooth real estate transactions, and lasting professional relationships.  So, whether your are buying or selling a home, townhome or property in Wilmington contact BlueCoast Realty today