Carolina PlaceThe Carolina Place neighborhood (a national register historic district) was built as a streetcar suburb at the turn of the 20th century. The neighborhood boundaries are Market Street, Burnt Mill Creek, Gibson Avenue and Wrightsville Avenue. It's surrounding neighborhoods are Ardmore, Brookwood, and Carolina Heights, and Forest Hills.  Today, home prices range from the high 100's to the high 300's.   The association known as CPANA has a Facebook page and looks out for the best interest of the people while preserving the historic nature of the neighborhood.  By the people for the people, no dues…awesome.

Located approximate 20 blocks from the historic Cape Fear River, neighbors often ride bikes or run downtown. It is a fantastic location if your interest is being near great sites, restaurants, galleries, theatres, and coffee shops.  Many neighbors also enjoy their walks through historic Brookwood and Forest Hills, bordering neighborhoods, where beautiful trees and breathtaking homes charm your every step.

The growth of the Carolina Place suburb happened in two phases. The first phase, from 1906 to 1928, constitutes the period in which the American Suburban Corporation held the purchase of the lots that remained by a local realtor and developer, Richard L. Player.  The second phase started with Craftsman style bungalows, Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, and Classical Revival style homes.  The development ended with the start of WWII. The architectural styles in these two phases promoted the property's sale and development.  Interestingly enough, this is still a huge factor in the purchase of property in the neighborhood.  Learn more about the history of the Carolina Place on

Today, Carolina Place is a trendy, eclectic, funky and creative neighborhood.  Friends gather at Burnt Mill Creek to celebrate the 4th of July, and Christmas time brings open doors and neighbors offering food and drink while singing carols.  On Wednesday at 3:30, parents take their children to play at the park.  Around schools hours, you see families riding bikes and walking to Forest Hills Elementary, a fantastic school located at the top of a hill surrounded by giant oaks.

A new grocery store is opened in the neighborhood on Market Street (Carolina Farmin), for everyone to conveniently walk to, which all the neighbors are thrilled about.  Currently, they are trying to get a crosswalk approved by the DOT, so they don't have to cross such a busy street.  The store offers a coffee shop, organic fruits and veggies, a sandwich shop and, best of all, a ton of variety of ice cream.

Neighbors will boast with pride that Carolina Place is "Front porch living," at its finest.  This allows for the opportunity to meet your neighbors and meet and greet as friendly folks wave and walk by.  In the age of computers, one might find this very refreshing.