Now that you (seller) have decided to sell your home you will want to get it ready for buyer viewings. The objective is to get your home looking as close to a model home as possible. Homes that are staged well sell faster than ones that ones are personalized, cluttered and not well maintained. If you follow my Staging tips, you will have great response in selling your home!

  1. Commit yourself to understanding that your home is now a house. I always suggest that the seller walks through the house like you are seeing it for the first time, just as a buyer would when they come to look at your house. This way you pretend to be someone else in your own home and it helps you get an idea of what someone else might like or dislike about the house.
  2. Now with your new set of eyes, remove all the family photos and memorabilia, pack them up and store them in the attic or garage. It is easier for a buyer to view the home without the distraction of family photos. You want them to imagine themselves in the house, and not think about the family that lives there now.
  3. Make sure the rooms are not too crowded with furniture. As the seller you will always want to make the home look as large and clutter free as possible by removing some larger pieces of furniture, which might over power rooms in size. Don’t block outside doors with furniture as you want buyers to be able to access the back yard or patio easily. Though not ideal, you may have to find alternative storage outside your home during the selling process.
  4. De-cluttering is the name of the game! Clear and tidy all surfaces including kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, occasional tables in the living room, and bedside tables in all bedrooms. The less personalized ‘stuff’ on surfaces the larger the rooms look, and the more buyers can envision themselves in the house. A few strategically placed items on tables can enhance the room rather than making it look cluttered and give a buyer the ability to visualize their own things in place.
  5. Everyone loves closets. Closet space is really important to most buyers so don’t just stuff things in closets or pile boxes on the floors. Instead tidy the closets to make them look spacious. And like extra or oversized furniture - if there is not enough space, it may better to pack things away and store off site – so the closets look spacious.
  6. If a seller wants to go a little further to getting the home sold quickly and look more like a model home, I highly recommend changing some walls colors if needed. If the walls are too bright, too dark or very scuffed, it is better to spend a little money on fresh paint in more neutral tones than to scare away potential buyers who may not appreciate the colors in the home.
  7. Make sure you have enough good lighting in your home. If the home is dark think about adding some floor lamps and table lamps. Make sure all light bulbs are working and replace any that are burned out. Keep curtains and blinds open and always leave lights on for REALTOR showings. This helps the home look cheerful, bright and welcoming.
  8. Lastly, right before you begin to show your house - make sure everything is as clean and sparkling as possible. From the windows, carpets, floors, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms etc. make sure everything is clean and smells good. If you have pets make sure that furniture is hair/fur free and litter areas are always clean. Crate or remove your animals for showings.
  9. Now you are ready to sell!


Written By:  BlueCoast agent Lorna Boa