New Year's Resolutions for SellersIt’s the start of another year, a perfect time to make positive changes that will benefit you for the rest of 2013 and beyond. You may have already made some changes when it comes to your health, your family or your work. Want to make a change in 2013 and sell your home in 2013? Or has your home been on the market and the listing has gotten stale? Why not make some real resolutions when it comes to marketing your property? 

 1. First, and you probably know this is coming, clean out your stuff. If you haven’t taken down your holiday decorations, that is an excellent place to start. Then clean up all the pine needles and get cracking on focusing on what you really need in your home. The number one rule is don’t keep what you don’t need and are not likely to need in years to come. A cluttered house is one of the biggest negatives for potential buyers when they view your home. This is really hard for some people, but be realistic and tough on the packrat in you. Make 3 piles: a toss pile, a give away pile and a keep pile. The keep pile is the only one that should stay in the house. If you are just TOO much of a packrat to part with the other 2 piles, then it might make sense to get a storage room temporarily for extra furniture, boxes, out of season clothes, that you will need in the next house but those items are making your current home too cluttered.

2. Now organize and clean it up! Take those items that you are keeping and really organize your cabinets, closets, etc. The very best way to organize your storage areas is to remove all the contents, organize them and put them back. Baskets, bins, and other handy storage helpers are readily available at the big box stores, office supply stores, and other retailers. There are even stores and websites dedicated exclusively to “storage stuff”! Treat yourself to a deep professional cleaning to start the year off right.

3. A fresh coat of paint. The number one way to freshen up a property is with a paint brush. It is one of the least expensive too! Brighten up a dark room with a light, neutral tone. At once, smudged dirty walls are gone and it’s a brand new room. At one time, painting every room a different bright color was all the rage. Now, neutral colors used throughout the home create a soothing flow so buyers can see themselves living in the space. Not handy with a roller? There are many many reasonable painters that would jump at the chance to do the job. Ask your neighbors or real estate agent to make some suggestions.

 4. The price is right. Finally, there is the price. Have you tried all these things and your home is still on the market? If you have eliminated any negatives, cleaned out, organized, even painted or make other changes that enhance the property, but no one has make an offer... the price is probably just too high. Why chase the market down in price? Go ahead and make that price adjustment early in the year, get a contract and move on. Even if you feel you are “losing too much money”, the next home you buy is likely to be an incredible deal.

Written By:  BlueCoast Agent Shannon Andrews