Which do like better - Older houses or New construction?  If you are like me, you like what the inside of newer houses look like with all the open floor plans, large baths, new kitchen cabinets, stone counter tops, wood floors and so on... but you may not like what the outside of the house looks like and/or the small yards of most new construction.  Anyone with me?


Let me tell you a little story about my situation.  My wife and I began looking to upgrade where we lived once our daughter Ellie came into the world.  We had a small house downtown with no yard.  When we started looking in our price range it was either new construction with a small yard or older house (dated kitchens and baths) with a larger yard.  We chose the older house with a larger yard.


We love our neighborhood...we love our yard but we HATED the kitchen.  Take a look at the before and after pictures of our kitchen.  We purchased a foreclosure so it was an as is sale - we could not pass up the good deal we negotiated.

old kitchen


When remodeling a kitchen, a lot of times you replace the cabinets for a fresh look.  Well take a close look at a more affordable alternative.  Many times when when you remove old kitchen cabinet boxes you will keep the same cabinet layout due to plumbing and stove vents.  All we did was replace the cabinet doors (and hinges), counter tops and appliances for a fresh new look at a fraction on the cost.  Everyone compliments our "new" kitchen.  When we tell them how little we spent - they are blown away!

Written By: BlueCoast agent Kirby Keene 336.399-2065

new kitchen